What is PDR or Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair (PDR), also known as "paintless dent removal" or "paintfree dent repair", is a process for removing minor dents and dings from the body of an automobile. The most common methods of paintless dent repair uses specially designed tools to push the dents out from the inner side of the body panel being repaired. Also, glue may be used from the outside of the panel to pull the dents out. The repair also involves "tapping" down the repair to remove small high spots, making the surface flat. Paintless Dent Repair may be used on both aluminum and steel panels.

The technology of PDR has been around for over 20 years. Fluorescent and LED lighting, or a light-reflection board, is used to highlight the deformation of the dent. This is an important aspect of the repair process. Without a light or reflector board, the fine detail of the process is unseen, and the technician will not be able to remove the damage accurately.

Paintless dent repair takes time, it is a skilled art form. An untrained individual can actually permanently damage a vehicle panel if attempting a repair without the correct skills and knowledge. In addition to the skill of dent removal, PDR also requires extensive knowledge to remove and reinstall vehicle panels and interior components.  This is often required to gain proper access to the dent before the removal process can begin.

A wide range of damage can be repaired using PDR. PDR can be used to repair hail damage, door dings, minor body creases, and even minor bumper indentations.  PDR techniques can also be applied to help prepare severely damaged panels for refinishing and paint.  This process is referred to as "push to paint". However, if there is paint damage, PDR would not be recommended.

Before Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), hail damage and parking lot dings meant a trip to the local body shop. This is an outdated process to a relatively simple problem. A problem that should not involve bondo/primer or matching paint color, let alone cutting the roof off. Paintless repair advancements provide us with a simple and more cost effective solution.




What can PDR fix?

PDR is a very effective remedy for repairing any dent that is not  creased, or the paint is not chipped or cracked. This technique is  preferred by the insurance companies to repair all hail damage

What are the hail damage repair alternatives?

You have two hail repair alternatives:  Paintless Dent Repair and Convential Body Repair.  Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the preferred method, but in some cases of severe hail damage, conventional methods will be necessary.

How is PDR different from Conventional repair?

Paintless Dent Repair is just that... paintless.  Conventional body repair requires sanding, filling, refinishing and repainting

How long will it take to repair a hail damaged car?

If your car is a candidate for PDR, the repair time is typically 1-3 days, however if the damage is extensive, but repairable using PDR it could take 4-5 days in extreme cases. If your vehicle will need conventional repairs, the repair time is typically 1-2 weeks.

We strive to make quality our number 1 goal and specialize in paintless dent repair.

The advantages are:

- Choosing the preferred method that your insurance company endorses.
- No fillers like bondo or replaced parts from a body shop.
- No painting/color matching.
- Your vehicle retains its original factory finish.
- Keeps the optimal value of your car.

- Lifetime warranty on all repairs


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